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SI7-XXX rt
Lieferzeit: usually 5 days

Outdoor patchcord, Cat.6A, uv-resitant, flame retardant

High quality PUR jacket outdoor patchcord, Cat.6A

  • PUR jacket for outdoor use (outdoor patchcord)
  • Cat.7 patchcord (raw material)
  • flexible patchcord, halogen free jacket
  • Own manufacturing line, individual patchcords.

PUR outdoor patchcords are made for outdoor use and rough environment and industrial ethernet. PUR jacket outdoor patchcords are uv resitant and have good characteristics against oil. Usually, the PUR jacket is red. We can provide any lengths of PUR jacket patchcords, just for example: 0,25m - 0,5m 0,75m - 1m - 1,5m - 2m - 3m - 4m - 5m - 6m - 7,5m - 8m - 9m - 10m - 11m- 12m - 13m - 14m- 15m - 16m - 17m - 18m -19m - 20m - 25m - 30m - 40m - 45m - 50m - 60m - 70m - 80m - 90m - 100m.

Please send us your enquiry about PUR jacket patchcords with Hirose TM31 plug or AMP plug.