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AP-SC 5420-Set
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Multimode OM4 SC Pigtail, 50/125μm, 2m

  • Multimode OM4 SC Pigtail, 12 pieces
  • High quality multimode fiber (OM4) for 40 gigabit
  • coloured set (12 different colours)
  • easy strip up to 1.5m

Beside this multimode OM4 SC Pigtail, we also provide ST, SC, LC, E2000 and more types of pigtails. The multimode OM4 SC Pigtail and other connectors are also available in singlemode and multimode OM2, OM3 and OM4. We supply fitting adapters, splice trays, splice boxes and tools. Please send us your enquiry about multimode OM4 SC Pigtail or any other type.