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KS-LC 4x,M
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LC QUAD metal adapter singlemode

  • metal housing
  • high quality ceramic
  • for 4 LC plugs on each side
  • SC duplex size

We also provide fitting patchcords, panels, pigtails, indoor and outdoor cables.

Fiber optic adapters, like the LC QUAD metal adapter singlemode, are meant fo connecting two (four) fiber optic connectors or cables. This can be regular patchcords, or preterminated indoor cables / outdoor cables or pigtails. There are simplex and duplex adapters for any type of connector. Furthermore, the adapters are distinguished by mode (multimode or singlemode), material (plastic or metal housing) and colour. We have many different types of fiber optic adapters in stock, e.g. the LC QUAD metal adapter singlemode.