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Cat.5e Draka UC300 HS26 patchcord, AMP EMT plug

High quality Draka UC300 HS26 patchcord with AMP RJ45 plug

  • AMP EMT plug (alternatively Hirose TM11 plug)
  • flexible patchcord, halogen free jacket
  • Own manufacturing line, individual patchcords.

Draka UC300 HS26 patchcord patchcords are very flexible and are available in grey, yellow, orange, red, green, blue and black. The shielding of the Draka UC300 HS26 patchcord is SF/UTP, the twisted pairs are shielded. We can provide any lenghts, just for example: 0,25m - 0,5m 0,75m - 1m - 1,5m - 2m - 3m - 4m - 5m - 6m - 7,5m - 8m - 9m - 10m - 11m- 12m - 13m - 14m- 15m - 16m - 17m - 18m -19m - 20m - 25m - 30m - 40m - 45m - 50m - 60m - 70m - 80m - 90m - 100m.

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