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LC-LC 2524XX
lead time: on short notice

40 Gigabit LC-LC dx fiber patchcord, OM4 duplex fiber patchcord

High quality duplex fiber patchcord with LC dx - LC dx plugs, OM4

  • Outer diameter 2,8mm*5,6mm or 2,0mm*4,0mm (Minizip)
  • 50/125µm diameter of core
  • The polarity of the LC dx - LC dx fiber patchcord can be changed easily
  • Suitable for 40 Gigabit application (OM4 fiber patchcord with LC plugs)
  • DRAKA fiber, CORNING fiber and AMP Netconnect plugs available

Due to own production, Lanconnect GmbH can provide different colours and any length of fiber patchcords, e.g. 40 Gigabit duplex fiber patchcord with LC dx - LC dx plugs, OM4.

Standard: 0,5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m

Also available (just for example): 4m - 6m - 7m - 7,5m - 8m - 9m - 10m - 11m - 12m - 13m - 14m -16m - 17m - 18m -1 9m - 20m - 25m - 30m - 40m - 45m -50m- 60m - 70m - 80m - 90m - 100m