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2U 19" splice box, telescopic, for 24 / 48 ST / SC / LC adapter

  • 2U 19" splice box
  • for up to 10 splice cassettes (splice trays)
  • fixed and telescopic style available
  • with frontplate for 24 simplex or duplex adapters: ST, SC, LC, E2000
  • with frontplate for 48 simplex or duplex adapters: ST, SC, LC, E2000

We also supply the splice trays, adapters, pigtails and accecoires. Please contact us.

Beside this 2U 19" splice box, we offer all indiviual boxes. The 2U 19" splice box can be offerred unequipped or equipped with any adapter in multimode and singlemode. Furthermore, the fiber optic pigtails can be offered. All 2U 19" splice box are available in grey, black, as telescopic style and completely equipped, unquipped or individually equipped. Please send us your enquiry for any style of 2U 19" splice box.