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Data Center Cabling & Components - Copper & Fiber Optics

In the field of data center cabling, the high density and high data transfer rate is especially in the foreground. To meet these demands in fiber optic cabling and copper cabling, products were designed specifically for data center cabling.
As for copper, these are e.g. copper trunk cables, where 6, 8 or 12 individual cables are twisted together and are provided with a common jacket. This ensures a very compact design and meets the needs of the packing density, high transmission rate and good air conditioning in the data center cabling requirements. Through the use of cat.7 trunk cables 10 Gigabit can easily be achieved by copper cabling. Through our own assembly, we can respond individually to your needs, in terms of the number of individual cables, categories and length of trunk cable for data center cabling.
In fiber optics the MPO system was developed, which is also called MTP or MPOptimate - depending on the manufacturer. A single fiber optic connector can hold up to 24 fibers and ensure  40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit transmissions. MPO fanout cables with LC connectors or SC connectors ensure compatibility with the active devices. Here, too, the focus is on "ultra high density" as part of the data center cabling.