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  1. PageHome Lanconnect is manufacturer of fiber optic cables and copper patchcords and trader of network copmponentens: fiber patchcords, E2000, Hirose, Draka Comteq, Prysmian group, AMP Netconnect, Tyco Electronics, TE connectivity
  2. FolderProducts 
    1. FolderTyco AMP Netconnect / TE connectivity all products from AMP netconnect / TE connectivity and tyco electronics: cipper cables, plugs and components, fiber cables, pugs and components. AMP ACO, Light Crimp, MRJ21, Sigma-Link, AMP-TWIST, AMP CO, AMPTRAC
      1. PageAMP modular plug connectors AMP Netconnect modular plug connectors are high quality plugs for copper cables, like patchcords or installation cable. Available as shielded or unshielded plug.
      2. PageAMP Light Crimp Plus AMP Light Crimp Plus, ST, SC and LC connectors, tools
      3. PageAMP fiber optic connectors / plugs AMP netconnect offers many high quality plugs for fiber applications, e.g. Light Crimp plugs or regular ST, SC and LC connectors.
      4. PageAMP CO System AMP CO System - AMP ACO PLUS and AMP ACO ULTRA, Inserts, Dual inserts, patchpanel, installation kits
      5. PageAMP-TWIST System AMP-TWIST System - modular jack system, jacks and panels, TWIST-JACK, Cat6A Jack, empty panels
      6. PageAMP Copper Cabling AMP copper cables are available in the categories 5e, 6, 6A and 7. AMP cables are usually white can be be offered as patchcord or installation cable with solid wire.
    2. FolderIndustrial Ethernet Industrial Ethernet - Harsh Enironmental Network, IP67 patchcords, PU cables, industrial ethernet cables
      1. PageInstallation cable Copper cables for Harsh Environmental use, PUR jacket / PU jacket
      2. PageIP67 fiber patchcords IP67 fiber patchcords - Singlemode & Multimode, good protection against dust, water and oil
      3. PageFiber indoor / outdoor cables Fiber indoor / outdoor cables for harsh environment (industrial) have PUR or PE jackets to be protected against water, oil and dust
      4. PageRJ45 PUR patchcords RJ45 PUR patchcords - PUR jacket / PU jacket patchcords in any length due to own production
      5. PageLWL Profibus Kabel Profibus Pachtkabel, konfektioniert mit Stecker, HCS, POF
    3. FolderCopper Cabling Copper Cabling - Cables, patchcords, panels, outlets from different brands like BTR and AMP Netconnect, tyco electronics, TE connectivity
      1. FolderModular Jack Systems Modular Jack Systems: AMP-TWIST, BTR, Jacks, Panels, Outlets, cat5 jacks, cat6 jacks, cat6a jacks, keystone jacks
        1. PageAMP ACO AMP ACO: ACO PLUS and ACO ULTRA, Inserts, Panels, Kits for cable sharing, dual inserts, installation kits
        2. PageAMP TWIST AMP TWIST is the modular system of AMP netconnect, jacks can be installed in less than one minute. The entire system consists of jacks, panels and outloets. We also provice AMP installation cable and patchcords.
      2. PagePanels & Outlets panels and outlets for copper systems can be provided as modular system or non modular system. This category shows the product range od non modular systems of different brands.
      3. PagePatchcord (Bulk cable) Patchcord (Bulk cable) Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, as ring or drum, available in grey, red, green, yellow, black, orange, magenta and white on 500m drums, 1000m drums or 100m rings
      4. FolderRJ45 patchcords 
        1. PageCat 6 patchcords Cat 6 patchcords - shielded cat 6 patchcords, any length and colour, for gigabit application, Hirose TM21 plug or AMP netconnect plug EMT, different jackets and colours available for all cat 6 patchcords
        2. PageCat 5e patchcord Cat 5e patchcord - shielded or unshielded, ethernet cable, LSZH jacket, PVC jacket, PUR jacket in different colours, any lenght available due to own production. Individual labeling available.
        3. PageCat 6 patchcords Cat 6 patchcords - shielded cat 6 patchcords, any length and colour, for gigabit application, Hirose TM21 plug or AMP netconnect plug EMT, different jackets and colours available for all cat 6 patchcords
        4. PageCat 6A patchcords Cat 6A patchcords, 10 GBit performance for all cat 6a patchcords made from Draka UC900 AWG 27 or Draka UC900 AWG26 and AMP Netconnect Cat 6A plug or Hirose TM31 Cat 6A plug
        5. PageDraka patchcords Draka patchcords, UC900 SS 26, UC900 SS 27, UC300 HS 26, all colours. Draka patchcords with Hirose TM11, TM21, TM31 or AMP EMT plug.
        6. Pageangulated patchcords angulated patchcords, cat.5, cat.6 and cat.6a patchcords with angulated boots on one side or both sides.
        7. PagePUR Jacket RJ45 patchcords PUR Jacket RJ45 patchcords up to Cat 6A and 10 GBit performance for the use in harsh envirnoment (industrial ethernet), but still high performance.
      5. FolderPlugs & Adapters Plugs & Adapters for copper applications, shielded & unshielded, e.g. from Hirose TM11, TM21, TM31 or AMP Netconnect EMT plug, TE connectivity, tyco electronics
        1. PageAMP netconnect plugs AMP netconnect plugs - EMT plug, RJ45 plug, shielded & unshielded for copper applications, TSV connectors, Rj45 EMT plug for patchcords.
        2. PageHirose plugs Hirose plugs - Hirose TM11, Hirose TM21, Hirose TM31, all packages, can be sold as single component, in bags each 10, 100 or 1000 pieces, up to Cat6A performance.
      6. FolderInstallation Cable Installation Cable - copper installation cable with solid wires from Draka Comteq and AMP Netconnect up to Cat7A performance and 10 GBit.
        1. PageCat7 Installation Cable Cat7 Installation Cable - simplex, duplex, Cat7 performance, produced by AMP Netconnect, Tyco electronics or Draka Comteq, 100m rings, 500m drums, available in grey, white or orange.
        2. PageCat 7A Installation cable Cat7A Installation Cable - duplex, simplex Cat7A performance
        3. PageDraka Comteq Cable Lanconnect GmbH offers all Draka Comteq cables, also Draka copper cables as installation cables and patchcords as bulk cables and trunk cables. All cables are available as Cat5e, Cat7 or even Cat7A for indoor use and outdoor use.
    4. FolderFiber Optics Fiber optic cables and components: patchcords, adapters, panels, MPO, preterminated cables, connectors and much more around fiber optics.
      1. PageDraka Bendbright patchcords Draka Bendbright patchcords, made of bend insensitive fiber, have very good characteristics
      2. FolderE2000/PC and E2000/APC E2000/PC and E2000/APC: Pigtails, patchcords, panels, adapters, Huber & Suhner and Reichle & de Masari.
        1. PageE2000 Kupplungen E2000 Kupplungen - Simplex, Duplex, Duplex compact, R&M, H&S, Diamond
        2. PageE2000 patchcords E2000 connectors are available in multimode and singlemode mode as APC (angled polished connector) or PC (polished connector) and can be manufactured on patchcords. All connectors can be terminated on the other side of the patchcord, each desired length due to own production in Germany!
        3. PageE2000 pigtails E2000 pigtails - E2000 PC and E2000 APC pigtail sets, coloured sets available or one colour only. All pigtail sets are easy strip. E2000 connectors are used from H&S or R&M
        4. PageE2000 patchpanels E2000 patchpanels - equipped with e2000 adapters, pigtails optional, 1 U panels or 2 U panels, slide panels, including splice tray, all e2000 panels can be equipped individually!
      3. FolderFiber Optic Cabling (bulk) Fiber optic cables (bulk) - indoor cables, outdoor cables, Multimode and Singlemode, from 2 fibres to 266 fibres. Multimode fibres available for Gigabit, 10 GBit, 40 GBit or even >40GBit applications, which is specified in the OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 standard. Singlemodefibers are available in OS1 and OS2. All fibers also available as bend-bright fibers.
        1. PageIndoor and Outdoor cables Indoor and Outdoor cables - fiber optic cable up to 312 fibers from different suppliers like Draka Comtteq or AMP Netconnect. Many types for all applications like industrial ethernet, regular indoor use, outdoor use or for indoor and ooutdoor use.
        2. PagePatchcord (bulk cable) Patchcord (bulk cable) simplex and duplex, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OS2 for your own production
        3. PageSpecial cables Special cables - industrial ethernet and other special applications with PUR / PU jacket
        4. PageBreakout Cable Breakout Cable - for indoor use, stable construction with 2 jackets, available in singlemode and multimode. Can be preterminated shortly.
      4. PageFiber Optic Adapters Fiber adapters in multimode and singlemode are made for connecting two or more fiber patchcords.
      5. PageFiber Optic Splice Closures Fiber Optic Splice Closures up to 192 fibers for outdoor use
      6. FolderFiber Optic Patchcords Fiber Optic Patchcords can be manufactures with many plugs like ST, SC, LC, E2000, DIN, FDDI, MIC, FSMA. Fiber Optic patchcords have different fibers like Multimode Fibers or Singlemode Fibers.
        1. PageFiber Optic Duplex Patchcords Fiber Optic Duplex Patchcords - Multimode and Singlemode
        2. PageFiber Optic Breakout Fiber Optic Breakout Patchcords with 2 jackets, which is more stable
        3. PageFiber Optic Simplex Patchcords Fiber Optic Simplex Patchcords in Multimode or Singlemode
      7. PageFiber Optic Plugs Fiber Optic plugs and adapters in Multimode and Singlemode
      8. PagePreterminated Fiber Optic cables Preterminated Fiber Optic cables - indoor and outdoor cables up to 48 fibers
      9. FolderMPO / MTP MPO / MTP Trunk Cables, Fanouts, Panels and Cassettes for very high density purpose
        1. PageMPO / MTP Trunk Cables MPO / MTP Trunk Cables for high density applications
        2. PageMPO / MTP Fanouts MPO / MTP Fanouts with LC adapters or SC adapters
        3. PageMPO / MTP Casettes MPO / MTP Casettes for MPO / MTP, SC or LC plugs for very high density on 1 unit.
        4. PageMPO / MTP Panels MPO / MTP Panels - individually equipped with LC or SC adapters
        5. PageMPO / MTP Training Course MPO / MTP Training Course from Lanconnect GmbH twice a year
      10. FolderSplice Boxes Fiber Optic 19" Splice Boxes in grey and black, equipped or unquipped
        1. PageCrimp splice protector Crimp splice protector - different types of crimp splice protectors
        2. PageFiber Optic adapters Fiber Optic adapters - any style
        3. PageFiber optic pigtails fiber optic pigtails - any plug in Multimode & Singlemode
        4. PageSplice boxes Splice boxes for Fiber Optics, for any fiber optic adapter, also euipped available
        5. PageSplice tray Splice tray for crimp splice, black, grey, for 12 or 24 splices
      11. PagePreterminated Outdoor Cables preterminated outdoor cables with fiber optic plug / connector
    5. FolderData Centers - Cables & Components Data Centers - Cabes & Components, ultra high density components in fiber optic and copper cabling
      1. PageFiber Optics data center cabling Fiber Optics data center cabling: MPO cabling, MTP, MPOptimate, Trunk cables, LC Fanouts, SC Fanouts, 40 Gigbait Fiber optics
      2. FolderCopper trunk cables Copper Trunkcables for Cat.6, Cat.6A and Cat.7 cabling, any lenghts and style due to own production.
        1. PageCat.6 trunk cable cat.6 trunk cables for 10 GBit applications up to 80m.
        2. PageCat.6A trunk cable Cat.6A trunk cables for 10 GBit application up to 100m, up to 12 RJ45 modules per terminated cable end
        3. PageCat.7 trunk cable cat.7 trunk cables made with RJ45 modules or siemon-tera modules.
  3. PageOur company Our company - Lanconnect GmbH since 1991
  4. PagePartners Partners: Te connectivity, AMP Netconnect, Draka Comteq, Hirose
  5. FolderContact contact Lanconnect GmbH via email, fax or phone.
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