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Welcome at Lanconnect GmbH - your fiber optic & copper networks partner


copper installation cable, fiber optic cables, individual patchcords, AMP Netconnect, TE connectivity, Draka


As distributor of AMP TYCO (TE connectivity) and DRAKA COMTEQ we offer the entire range of network components, as copper cables & components and fiber optic cables & components, as well as active components.

Network cables (copper patchcords, fiber patchcords, cat 7 installation cable), patchpanels, media converters, fiber optic cable, modular rjacks, Cat 7 installation cable, Cat5e patchcords, Cat6 patchcords, Cat6a patchcordsfrom own production and industrial ethernet LAN products.

For more than 20 years, we distribute products of AMP Netconnect and have a huge stock from AMP CO Plus (AMP ACO+), LightCrimp Plus (Lightcrimp+) and TWIST components, as jacks AMP-TWIST 6S SL jack, panels and installation kits.

AMP Netconnect jacks can bei installed in less than one minute! Furthermore, we offer a wide range of installation cable (Cat6 installation cable, Cat7 installation cable, Cat7A installation calbe) from AMP Netconnect / Tyco Electronics or Draka Comteq. Zip-Twin cable, Office Distribution cable, pre terminated indoor / outdoor cable, if desired with AMP Plugs.

Beside Cat 7 installation cable, we offer all cables from Draka Comteq, e.g. Draka Silverline, Draka UC900 and all types of indoor / outdoor cable, outdoor cable and indoor cable in multimode or singlemode. All indoor / outdoor cables can be delivered as preterminated cable.

Beside cat 7 installation cable (shielded), we offer cat 5e, cat6 shielded or unshielded installation cable, Draka Silverline or Draka UC900 and all AMP Tyco system calbes in simplex or duplex

We are manufacturer of individual fiber patchcords (fiber optic cable). We can manufacture each desired length, many colours and offer individual labels.

Industrial Ethernet is becoming more important for data networks, therefore we also offer Industrial Ethernet Switches, Industrial Ethernet media converters, IP20 RJ45 plugs, IP65 und IP 67 plugs, Industrial Ethernet Cat 7 installation cable, copper patchcords with PU / PUR (polyurethan) jacket and IP67 equipment.


September 2017:

We just started to provide all products of Leoni Kerpen. We assemble patchcords, e.g. with Leoni Kerpen F6/90 as well as installation cable and modules.

December 2016:

We would like to say "thank you" to all our customers and suppliers and hope to continue in 2017.

March 2016:

Process optimisation ! Lanconnect offers e-bills using the PDF/A standard. 

November 2015:

Responsive design was implemented for

February 2015:

Lanconnect introduced LONG REACH Cat.7 installation cable for indoor and outdoor use with PE jacket. Combined with Long Reach patchcords, new link lenghts can be achieved: Link.


Better prices for preterm fiber cables for traders.
New pulling element available


E2000 patchcords and pigtails are now manufactured with metal dust cap. You can choose between E2000 plugs from R&M oder H&S.


Draka multipair cable in stock for manufacturing cat.6 and cat.6A trunks.

We can assemble Cat.7A patchcords with black PUR jacket, even better attributes against uv-radiation.